Raya Hamper - Small Ceramic Candle

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Raya Hampers - Large Ceramic Candle - 200g

Choose from any of our candle scents to send as a gift this festive season. This candle comes wrapped in our seasonal hand painted fabric, along with a gift card.

Wisps of olfactory stories, soft crackling of the wood wick, the warm presence of a hand crafted ceramic vessel, the luxury of relaxing in your own space while evoking a sense escape.

Our new candle collection features hand-thrown ceramic containers. Each piece displays it's own uniqueness with slight variations in texture and tone. Our premium wax blend and custom made wood cross wicks are used for a slow, even burn. 

Estimated Burn Time: 50+/- hours 

First Burn: Burn long enough for the wax to completely melt across the top surface. This will extend the life of your candle and ensure even burning.

Caring for your candle: Always break off or trim the loose ash from the wick prior to burning. To maintain scent strength, do not burn longer than 3 hours at a time. Burn responsibly, away from flammable surfaces or materials.